In order to get a tourist visa to Uzbekistan you need a Letter of Invitation which is called LOI as well. A letter of invitation or LOI is an approval for issuing a visa. This document is issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan.

Travel agencies, Tour Operators or citizens of Uzbekistan may request LOI on the behalf of tourists.  Nationals of most countries with developed economy do not need a LOI while citizens of many countries still need a letter of invitation.

Here below we will try to explain and inform you how to get LOI and other important points which will be useful for you.

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Visa regulations of Uzbekistan

Visa regulations against tourists who need LOI

The nationals of those countries which are not mentioned on the sections of non visa or simplified visa regulations should have a visa support to obtain tourist visa to Uzbekistan.

Letter of invitation will be issued on the basis of visa application form and other documents submitted  to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan by local travel agency on the behalf of the tourist.

Documents needed to obtain a visa invitation letter

What kind of documents and information are needed for LOI? To obtain a LOI to Uzbekistan we need following documents and information.

1)      Well scanned passport should be send by e-mail, fax or mail to inviting party.

2)      Home and work address. If you are retired then let us know that you are retired. If you are a student then you should provide address of your university, institute or college where you are studying at.

3)      Marital status. If married please specify your spouse` s full name.

4)      Planned period of visit (From-Till).

5)      Number of entries to the country

6)      Type of LOI processing. Usual or expedite.

7)      Places to be visited

8)      Place of visa issuance. Specify the country where you are planning to obtain your visa.

9)    Previous visits to Uzbekistan.

10)    If you are travelling with your dependant please specify his or her full name.

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How long does it take to obtain a visa invitation letter?

It takes up to 10 business days to get ready LOI. It varies depending on the country of origin of the applicant and the type of visa processing.

There are two types of Letter of Invitation a usual LOI and expedite LOI. An expedite LOI processing takes up to 4 business days and up to 10 days for usual LOI processing.

Tourist visa at Airport

Here below you can find out how to obtain visa at airport upon arrival to Tashkent

1)      The nationals of those countries where there is not Uzbekistan embassy or consulate can get their visas at Tashkent International Airport upon arrival providing they have visa invitation letter which permits to obtain their visa at Tashkent Airport. In this case you should provide copy of your air ticket or air ticket reservation to inviting party.

2)      You are a national of a country where exists embassy or consulate of Uzbekistan but currently you are in another country where do not exist embassy or consulate of Uzbekistan. If you are in the same situation then you can get your visa upon arrival to Tashkent International Airport providing you have visa invitation letter.

3)      The nationals whom applies simplified visa regime they also can get their visa upon arrival to Tashkent Airport providing they have letter of invitation letter.

The fees of tourist visa upon arrival to Tashkent International Airport as below:

1) 50 USD for 7 days visa. If you ordered expedite LOI then it would be 70 USD

2) 60 USD for 15 days visa. If you ordered expedite LOI then it would be 85 USD

3) 70 USD for 30 days visa. If you ordered expedite LOI then it would be 100 USD

Above mentioned rates are applicable to nationals of all countries except nationals of USA and Japan.

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How much is consular fee for Uzbekistan tourist visa?

Single entry individual tourist visa:

The fee of tourist visa to Uzbekistan with single entry is as below.

-          40 USD up to 7 days stay

-          50 USD up 15 days stay

-          60 USD up to 1 month stay

For each additional entry extra 10 USD will be charged. Please kindly note that the rates of visa fee varies depending on your nationality. The rates for visa fee is subject to change and without any notice.

The rate for visa issuance also depends on the type of letter of invitation. If you order expedite LOI then you have to pay more than those who order usual LOI.

Please note that the rates vary depending on the nationalities as well. For instance, if the consular fee for the nationals of Uzbekistan is higher to a country XX then the nationals of the country XX should pay the same amount their governement are charging the nationals of Uzbekistan.

Single entry group tourist visa:

-          15 USD per person­­‑ up to 15 days stay. 10 persons or more are considered as group, excluding children under 16 years old.

-          30 USD per person- up to 30 days.

For each additional entry extra 10 USD will be charged.

Single transit visa:

-          20 USD -up to 24 hours stay

-          25 USD -up to 48 hours stay

-          30 USD -up to 72 hours stay

For each additional entry extra 10 USD will be charged.

Apart from all above mentioned rates extra service charges will be applied for actual expenditures related with visa issuance. The amount of extra service fee depends on the country of visa issuance (regardless the citizenship of an applicant).

In order to get transit visa to Uzbekistan you should show your visa to Uzbekistan's neighboring country where you are planning to enter through Uzbekistan. If you do not need visa to this country then you should prove that you planning to enter a particular country through Uzbekistan.

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What documents to provide to issue a visa?

In order to issue a tourist visa you should submit following documents to the embassy or consulate of Uzbekistan.

-          Valid passport with blank pages to glue visa sticker. Passport should be valid at least 3 months after visa is expired.

-          Letter of invitation (visa support letter) approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan.

-          Completed and printed out visa application form

-          2 passport size photo

-          Amount of money payable for consular fee

-          Evidence of purpose of visit

Can I extend my visa in Uzbekistan

How to extend Uzbekistan visa? To extend the validity of your visa you should contact to authorized branch of OVIR (Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs responsible for passport registration)and provide the reason and proof you need to extend your visa.
You can also contact to the consular office in Tashkent Airport as well. In case of flight delay you might need to extend your visa or in other unforeseen situations like this. Please note that you should come to consular office in Tashkent Airport with the representative of the travel agency who invited you.

Registration at hotel

Registration at hotel is obligatory for all tourists travelling to Uzbekistan. What is registration at hotels of Uzbekistan? This is a piece of paper given by each hotel you are staying at and this small document proves that you stayed in a particular  hotel.

Registration at hotel is done by front desk staff while check in. When you check out from hotel they handle you a registration card with stamp of hotel certifying that you stayed in this hotel..These kind of registration cards will be given in each hotel you stay at.

Why I need registration at hotel?

Because when you leaving Uzbekistan you will be asked to provide registration of the hotel. If you cant provide then you have to pay significant amount of fine. So it is recommended to keep these registration cards safe.

Overnight at camps

If you are adventure traveler and you overnight at camps in Desert, at sea or on a train then how to sort out registration. If you are staying in camps for 1-2 days then it is allowed if it is as per you tour itinerary.

If you overnight on a train then as registration you should keep your train ticket as proof that you overnight on a train.

Bilateral non-visa regime

Bilateral non visa regime applies for the citizens of following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan (up to 60 days), Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

Simplified visa regulation:

Citizens of following countries do not need LOI to obtain tourist visa to Uzbekistan: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Citizens of above mentioned countries can obtain up to 1 month multiple tourists visa without any letter of invitation from the citizen or business entity of Uzbekistan.

Visa regime for holders of diplomatic passports and their family members:

  Citizens of Brazil, Hungary, Romania, Republic of Korea (up to 60 days), Slovakia and Turkey who holds diplomatic passports applies bilateral non visa regime up to 90 days.

Bilateral non visa regime up to 90 days will be applied for diplomatic passport holders of above mentioned countries and their family members.

The same rule will be applied for those who are accredited as staff members of diplomatic representatives or consular office during their professional activity. Bilateral non visa regime up to 90 days will be applied for the citizens of Romania and Slovakia who hold service passports.

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By Dilshod Eshmurodov