Uzbek cuisine has a long history, and the process of preparing of main courses is real rituals, each element is clearly regulated. In the north prefer pilav, grilled meat, pastry and cakes. In the south a lot of complex dishes of rice and vegetables, and excellent desserts are prepared. The locals prefer meals of mutton, horse meat, soups with lots of vegetables, fruits themselves, dairy products and bread. The most beloved and most prepared meal is of course pilav. The ingredients of pilav are oil, rice, carrot, meat, onion and seasonings. The recipe is almost the same but the taste of Pilav prepared in different regions is different.

Uzbeks drink as much tea as English do (Even more). Before and after the meal Uzbeks usually drink tea. Local dry vintage wine is with delicious aroma and very inexpensive. The best wines are "Marvarid" "Omar Khayyam" and “Vini Italia”. Tips, if they are not included in the bill, are 10-15%.

Recommended restaurants:

Tashkent: Affresco, Caravan one, Manas, Sim-Sim, Eski Shahar, Berezka, Sherdor, 12 Chairs, Gruzinski Dvorik

Samarkand: Karimbek, Platan, Muborak Sharipovna, U Uktama, Old City

Bukhara: Minzifa, Dolon, Suzane, Lyabi Hauz, Doston local family, Bella Italia, Spanish bar at Zargaron Plaza hotel

Khiva: Rashid’s, Khorezm art, Malika Khiva hotel, Asia Khiva Hotel

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