Nightlife in Uzbekistan is one of the safest in the world. In 2009 main tourist city of Uzbekistan- Bukhara was entitled the safest tourist city by international tourism board.


 There are many bars, pubs, cafes and night clubs in all main cities of Uzbekistan. While you are in Bukhara you can enjoy the evening atmosphere of Lyabi Hauz and while you are in Tashkent you can watch English Premier League matches at pubs or enjoy at night clubs. Here is the list of most popular and hot night clubs of Tashkent.


Opera and Ballet Theater

In the evening you can enjoy the atmosphere around and at the theater. In front of the theater there is a beautiful dancing fountain. The theater is equipped with all necessary equipment for opera. Tickets are considerably cheap and no dress code. If you are in Tashkent we do recommend visiting Opera and Ballet Theater. It is locate in front of Tashkent Palace Hotel.


  It is located in the heart of Tashkent and offers European and national cuisines. Working hours are 8 pm- 5am. For ladies there is no entrance fees between Monday-Thursday but for gentlemen it is 6000 sums. Between Friday-Sunday it is 6000 sums for ladies and 8000 sums for Gentlemen.

You can contact them by dialing +998 71- 235-89- 83.

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KT.Komba is one of the best night clubs of Tashkent which is centrally located and offering Seafoods and Chinese, European cuisines. Entrance fee is 5000 sums regardless the gender of the visitor.

You can contact them by dialing +998-71- 252-39-37.


Casanova is restaurant-club which organizes shows and open 10 am- 1am.


"Barhan" is individuality and exclusivity that is unparalleled. The best DJs of the capital and residents of the best clubs around the world are in “Barkhan”. Working hours are between 6 pm-5 am and you can contact by dialing +998-71- 252-64-16.


In the center of Tashkent there is a wonderful place where you can have plenty of dancing and listen to the first-class music. Entrance fee is 5000 sums for ladies and gentlemen as well. It is located in Le Grand Plaza Hotel (previous Tata hotel).


It is a restaurant with daily evening shows. It is located in 8, Istiqlol street nearby the hotel Uzbekistan. The food is amazing and the service is almost European. We are sure that you will like this restaurant. You can contact to the administration of Bakhor restaurant by dialing +99871-233-72-63.