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You can get to Uzbekistan by air, on train or by car. Out of 10 Uzbekistan airports, the biggest one is Tashkent International Airport located in capital city Tashkent.  At the moment more than 25 airlines operate in Tashkent International Airport of Tashkent. Nonstop flights are established to more than 60 cities of the world. There are direct flights between Uzbekistan and London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Riga, Moscow, Kiev, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Beijing, Tokio, Seoul and there is connection flight from New York via Riga. Flight schedule of Uzairways is here. If you would like us to quote/book a flight to Uzbekistan for you or if you need extra information, then you are welcome to contact us in any convinient time of yours.