Customs of Uzbekistan

Persons older than 16 are allowed duty free import of 20 packs of cigarettes or 1,000 grams of tobacco, 1.5 liters of alcoholic beverages and two liters of wine.

The import of drugs and medicines potent (requires a prescription), weapons and ammunition, photographs and video, directed against the political system of Uzbekistan, or the rules of Islam are prohibited. All valuable items (jewelry, cameras and camcorders, computers and so on) must be declared. For the export of precious metals and stones, furs, guns and ammunition, artistic and historic values (of any objects made more than 100 years ago) will need a special permit from the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan.

Bringing in and out of foreign currency is unlimited, but the declaration is required. Bear in mind that technically one is not allowed to take out more cash from Uzbekistan than he or she bring in. If the amount of currency imported exceeds the amount of exported foreign currency by the customs declaration, customs has the right to confiscate the money. In some cases, even a very little amount of money (sometimes as less as 10 dollars) not listed in the declaration, may be attributed as "contraband currency." To avoid such situations, it is better to be attentive while completing customs declaration or not to bring large amounts of cash and use "credit cards".

Green Line

There is a Green Line in customs of Uzbekistan and then go through Green Line to save your time if there is nothing special to declare.

By Dilshod Eshmurodov