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Internet in Uzbekistan

  Almost at all hotels of Uzbekistan there is wireless internet connection or with ware. Big hotels offer Wi Fi at hotel lobbies. The speed of internet varies between 128 kbps- 2 mbps depending on the type of connection and its location.

If you need fast, easy access to net and need it frequently while your trip to Uzbekistan then you can use USB modems. Mobile operators of Uzbekistan are providing 3G USB modems enabling customers to have easy net access.


The rates for 3G USB Modems and internet tariffs could be found at websites of ucell.uz or beeline.uz. Apart from above mentioned types of internet access you can use internet in your mobile phone providing you have local SIM or you have roaming service.


Another alternative is public internet cafes which are available in each city you visit while your trip to Uzbekistan.

Telephone codes of Uzbekistan

While you are in Uzbekistan you can call abroad directly from hotel room. Please note costs of International calls are not included in room rates in Uzbekistan. To call abroad from Uzbekistan you should dial 8-10-country code-city code- telephone number.

 Country code for Uzbekistan is +998. In order to call to particular city of Uzbekistan you should add 2 digit city’s telephone code after +998.

To call to capital city Tashkent from abroad you should dial +998 71 XXXZZYY
Samarkand +998 66 XXXZZYY
Bukhara +998 65 XXXZZYY
Khiva +998 3622 XZZYY.

Emergency calls

Fire bridge—101



Gas leaks—104


By Dilshod Eshmurodov