All foreigners travelling to Turkmenistan must have a tourist of transit visa. You need a visa invitation letter to obtain your visa to Turkmenistan. To prepare a visa invitation letter you are required to provide following documents and information. Before processing your letter of invitation we should make an appropriate itinerary.

-          Well scanned passport copy should be send by e-mail

-          Dates of entry and departure

-          Port of entry

-          Occupation and place of work

-          Cities you are planning to visit

-          Contact details

How many days does it take to get LOI ready?

It takes approximately 10 days to get your LOI ready. Once your LOI is ready it will be delivered via e-mail or fax according to your preference. 


Where I can get my visa?

You can obtain your visa at any embassy or consulate of Turkmenistan abroad, on border check points Farab( Bukhara, Uzbekistan), Shavat (Khiva, Uzbekistan), Khojeyli (Nukus, Uzbekistan), Gaudan (Bajgiran/Mashad, Iran), at Turkmenbashi sea port or you can obtain upon arrival at Ashgabat International airport. 

Most tourists travelling to Turkmenistan combine their trip with Uzbekistan. If you are one of them and there is not Turkmen embassy in your country then it is better to obtain your visa at Uzbek/Turkmen border check points. Most of our tourists obtain their visas to Turkmenistan while crossing border check point.

Important notes!!!

1)      Once you are requesting letter of invitation to Turkmenistan then you should buy at least minimum tour package including accommodation, transportation and guide services.

2)      All tourists must be registered at City Tourism Board and you need to submit following documents to be registered. The list of documents varies up to the port you arrive by land or by air.

By land

- Valid passport

- 2 photos (3x4)

- Visa application form

- 2 copies of your passport

By Air

- Valid passport

- 2 photos

- 2 copies of passport

How much is consular fee for Turkmenistan tourist visa?

Fee for tourist visa to Turkmenistan is subject to change and for precise information contact to the nearest embassy or contact us before travelling. The rates also vary depending on the port you arrive and circumstance of your application (number of entries, duration of stay, usual or expedite).

By land

-          61USD-Farab (Uzbek/Turkmen border)

-          51USD-Dashoguz  (Uzbek/Turkmen border)

-          51USD-Khodjeili (Uzbek/Turkmen border)

By air

-         81USD- Ashgabat International Airport

At consulates or embassies of Turkmenistan abroad

-          35USD-Visa processing within 5-10 days

-          60USD-Visa processing within 4 days

-          90USD-Visa processing within 2 days

-          120USD-Visa processing within a day


Visa fees to Turkmenistan for children under 16 years old

-          Children aged up to 7 are charged 15USD no matter how long he or she stays

-          Children between 7 to 16 are charged half of the visa fee as per the circumstances of the application


Transit visa to Turkmenistan

Transit visas to Turkmenistan are issued only at the embassies or consulates of Turkmenistan abroad. To issue a visa needed valid passport, visa to neighboring country where you plan to get through Turkmenistan and ticketing.

Important notes!!!

-          Transit visas are issued for 3-7 days

-          It can’t be issued at any border check points.

-          Applications must be made in person


Travel to Turkmenistan on your own transportation


If you are planning to travel on your own transportation with tourist or transit visa you should inform about your intention while submitting documents for letter of invitation. Apart from fee for visa invitation letter you should pay extra fee for transportation. Fees are payable upon arrival in cash to Transportation Department.  Fees vary between 65USD to 250USD depending on the transportation.


Important notes!!!


-          The amount of fee is subject to change and hard to know in advance

-          It is mandatory to purchase a third party liability insurance

-          Usually you do not need “Carnet de Passage” to enter Turkmenistan.