For majority of travelers, Turkmenistan might seem just a 7-8 hours flight away, but it’s a much further distance to travel culturally. Being used to the regular architecture of native town of yours, you will land in a country with completely different philosophy. The stunning, colorful buildings in harmony with beautiful monuments will never leave anyone unimpressed.
         Being the cradle of many cultures and civilizations, the territory of Turkmenistan is fraught with a lot of mysteries, and its natural systems are extremely diverse. Tourists will enjoy the natural, historical and cultural monuments, Kugitangskie caves, lakes, the plateau of dinosaurs of millions years old, with traces left in the solidified lava. One of the largest sand deserts in the world, the infamous Karakum desert, known for its harsh conditions, still somehow accommodates more than 200 species of plants, which, in its turn, makes the Karakum desert one of the most visited places in Turkmenistan. Coming here, you will have a chance to take a part in an exciting adventure, story that started long- long time ago in once uninhabited places of this land, and now thriving with life in every corner. You will witness the history of tribes that fought each other for power and for the territory, wandering from place to place and eventually becoming the owners of this land!