Domestic transportation of Turkmenistan is represented by planes, trains, buses, minibuses and taxis.
Long distances are better to be reached by flights of "Turkmenistan Airlines" and other local carriers. Daily flights connect Ashgabat with Dashoguz, Mary, Turkmenabat and Turkmenbashi. The fleet consists of brand new "Boeing-717", which makes the trip very enjoyable. Tickets are considerably cheap: no more than 15 USD for one way ticket for foreigners and even cheaper for the residents. The only drawback is high demand for tickets in limited supply. Reservations are needed as early as possible.
Confirmed tickets for domestic flights go on sale for 14 days before the flight.

By train you can reach from the capital to Turkmenbashi, Mary and Turkmenabat. No electrified lines, the trains run on heat-drawn and move fairly slowly traveling from Ashgabat to Turkmenbashi, for example, takes about 12 hours.

   Between cities it is convenient to use the buses and mini vans because it's cheap and fast. Furthermore, they hit the road, when all seats are occupied, while the rest go on schedule. The trip from the capital city to Turkmenbashi on the shuttle bus to takes 6 hours and costs about 6 USD, Mary can be reached in 4 hours and 3 USD.
   One of the convenient ways to travel in cities is by taxis. In order to stop the car, just reach out, standing on the sidelines - is guaranteed to halt, if not first, then certainly second approaching car. Tariffs on European standards, funny - 0,15-0,30 USD for a short trip and 0,50 USD for longer. Price should be negotiated in advance and, of course, observe the elementary rules of caution, sitting in an unfamiliar car.