As in neighboring Central Asian countries, the main dish of Turkmen cuisine is pilaf. It is cooked with rice, lamb with the addition of many herbs, seasonings and spices, dried fruits and nuts. Fatty meals in Turkmenistan cuisine are accompanied with fermented beverages such as ​​"airan" and "chalob" made of camel's milk.
While your tour to Turkmenistan, you should definitely try the Caspian sturgeon and stellate sturgeon- baked in clay oven 'tandoor', smoked or grilled.
There are several kinds of soups in the Turkmenistan cuisine. There are following options are popular “shorba” with meat and vegetables, spicy soup "gaynatma" prepared from camel, lamb soup “dograma” with onions and chopped tortillas.  

“Kaurman” is a special of Turkmenistan cuisine. Lamb is cooked in its own juices and it is very delicious although greasy. 

Wherever you go in the country you can taste traditionally delicious “manty” (Central Asian dumplings), “barak”- ravioli cooked in Turkmen way, as well as varied types of pies: “Ishlekli” from meat with onions and “gutape” with meat, potato, spinach and pumpkin squash.
Complete the meal with "GOK tea" - green tea with mint and dried fruits. Of alcoholic beverages is worth paying attention to the Turkmen brandy, wine and vodka "Turkmenbashi."

Restaurants in Ashgabat

Altyn Jam

Altyn Jam is known as AJs among expats. This restaurant is a right place for lunch and has delicious European dishes. AJs boasts with its fine desserts. Pizza will be delivered to your hotel room upon request.

Address : Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, Magtymguly shayoly 101

Phone : (993 12) 39-68-50



A seafood restaurant is no easy feat to pull off in Central Asia, but this place manages by flying all its ingredients in from Moscow and Dubai. The tasteful interior is appropriately decorated with model ships and the service is friendly. Starters include an excellent seafood soup and the tsar's salad, which includes red caviar, potato and sour cream. Baked scallops and a pricey lobster US$45 are among the mains.

Ay Peri

This authentic Chinese joint specialises in spicy Sichuan dishes. The red lanterns add to the Asian décor, while the menu offers a few delicacies, including 'penis of maral Chinese vodka', considered a health product. Whatever the health benefits, travellers should resist eating dishes that include endangered species such as the maral deer.


Coffee House

The eclectic menu, excellent service and European-style atmosphere make this one of the more attractive restaurants in the city. As the name indicates, there is a nice selection of coffees imported from Indonesia, Africa and Latin America. Breakfast includes omelettes and pastries while afternoon appetisers might see you sampling the hummus or tabuleh. This place is very popular with Ashgabat's expats.

Dip Club

Lebanese restaurant serving up tasty Middle Eastern favourites like hummus, dolma(vegetables stuffed in grape leaves), moutabal (grilled eggplant) and chicken shawarma(chicken cut from a spit and served in a pita). The atmosphere is a bit bland, but it does play Arabic music and has live music on weekends.


Smart and simple, the Ezurum serves up tasty Turkish fare including pide, a Turkish pizza, and tasty cheese bread. The service is attentive and swift, although it can get very hot in the summer months due to the wood-fired oven.


Italian Restaurant

Enjoys the reputation of being one of the best eateries in the city. The Parmesan is fresh, pepper is served from suitably enormous mills and there's a decent selection of Italian wine.

Minara Restaurant

This classy restaurant is located on the 5th floor of the enormous waterfall-mall in Independence Park. The views are great and the menu is varied, if not a little amusing - dishes include 'squirrel salad', and 'English-style small cakes with brains'. The carp stewed in beer is recommended


A bizarre tribute to kitsch Americana, you'll find posters of Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis, rusting license plates and car fenders poking out from the walls. The food is a fairly lamentable attempt at hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches and pizza, but it's still a fun place for a drink or to see how young Ashgabatans spend their leisure time.

Sim Sim

Hidden among apartment blocks, Sim Sim serves an array of dishes you probably won't find anywhere else in the city, including shrimp shashlyk and frogs legs in white wine. It attracts a young, hip crowd who eat and drink on the lively balcony and in the main dining room. To find this place take a taxi.