Darwaza gas crater which means Gate is popular in Western world as “Door to Hell”. In fact it means gate and it is located in Turkmenistan. Diameter of gas crater Darwaza is 60 meters while depth is 20 meters. The gas crater is located near to village called Darwasa which is 260 km far from Ashgabat. In Village Darwaza had existed for long time but in 2004 it was relocated to another place.

In 1971 Russian geologists encountered underground gas accumulation in outskirts of Darwaza village. While excavations and drilling of exploratory hole, geologists came across underground cavern which resulted in collapse of soil and formed of hole full in gas. Rig with all equipment and vehicles fell into the formed hole, fortunately, people were not injured. In order to cease the gas leak which might probably effect on people and nature geologists decided to burn the gas expecting that fire would extinguish in w few days but they were mistaken. It is still burning day and night from 1971. Once something or someone fell into the Darwaza gas crater then there is no way to escape. Several flames are formed within the crater and the height of some flames reach 10 to 15 meters.

  Not far from the burning gas crater there are two more holes, but they are not burning due to weak gas pressure. At the bottom of a crater there is bubbling liquid mud in light gray color and at the bottom of another turquoise liquid.
According to experts, with the help of directed drilling from the denser parts, two deposits can be exploited. On a site of "turquoise" lake mining is no longer possible. Not far from the fiery crater there are several suspended wells.

From the highway to the fiery crater it is several miles along a country road.  Only on a real 4x4 or trucks can reach there.

  In case you plan to visit Darwas gas crater then is better to drive up there shortly before sunset. You can enjoy the beauty of crater during night and see the rest the next day in the morning. This is really an unforgettable sight. On such a ground almost nothing grows but there lots of mushrooms! In the fiery crater can find a lot of mushrooms. It seems that the gas in some way contributes to the growth of fungi. At the craters you should be very careful. The land is loose and fall off constantly. This is especially true in the fiery crater. There are a lot of fresh screes.