How to make an international call from Turkmenistan? First dial 8 and wait for long tone then dial 10 and after that country code and telephone number. For instance, in order to call US from Ashgabat you should dial 8-10-1(country code)- 866 (region code)-368-3375 (your number). To make an international call at hotels will be expensive so it is better to buy a telephone card.

Emergency contacts

Fire brigade —01




Useful numbers and information

Information center­— 222222

Ashgabat airport­ — +(993 12) 35-20-59


Mains voltage is 220 V, 50 Hz. Standard sockets are of Eastern European type with two round pins without grounding.


Mobile operators

“Altyn Asyr” working under “TM Cell” is the biggest and single mobile operator in Turkmenistan.  At the moment the number of subscribers of single cell operator of Turkmenistan exceeds 1.5 mln.

   While you are in Turkmenistan you can purchase a SIM for about 3.5 USD and use it for calls, internet, SMS and etc. as long as you have prepaid balance.

How to reach online consultant of cell operator in Turkmenistan?

 In case you want to talk to online consultant then dial one of following numbers: 931113, 931812, 932026 or 477625.


Via your SIM you can have internet access. Turkmen mobile operator offers GPRS and 3G internet.