Tajik visa processing in Tashkent for 120USD***Obtain the visa within one day!

Visa to tajikistan



Nationals from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, GeorgiaGeorgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia and Ukraine do not need a visa for visits up to 90 days.

Following the trends of other Central Asian countries, visas are increasingly easy to obtain, particularly for nationals of wealthy countries. This policy is designed to stimulate tourist activity in Tajikistan. The big change has been the abolition of OVIR registration for tourist visits under 30 days.

Visas have to have applied for in advance at Tajik embassies or may be purchased upon arrival at Dushanbe airport. However due to a recent change in the law, these visas are now only available to citizens from countries with no Tajik embassy. To save time you can complete and print a form before arrival. It is best to use the Tajik form, bring two passport photos, a handful of photocopies of your passport and cash.

The process takes around 10 minutes. Tourist visa to Tajikistan costs $US25 if obtained in Dushanbe International Airport. A separate permit is required if you wish to travel to the GBAO region; it costs $US50 and is easily obtained when applying for a visa or in Dushanbe.

If crossing a land border then get a visa prior to arrival. The embassies in Vienna and London are the more professional. You may struggle to get a visa at some consulates who will simply say 'get it at the airport' (e.g. Kabul), which isn't useful if you want to arrive by land.

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Obtain tourist visa to Tajikistan in Tashkent

If you are travelling through stans and visit Tajikistan overland through Uzbekistan then you may obtain visa to Tajikistan in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Emabssy of Tajikistan in Tashkent will require following documents to issue a visa:


1. Valid passport with blank pages to glue visa sticker

2. Two photos

3. Visa application form in two copies

4. Consular fee


If your visa invitatin letter is approved by MFA of Tajikistan then your visa will be issued the same day you submit your passport. If your visa invitaiton is not approved by MFA of Tajikistan then your visa is issued within 5 days.


What we can offer?

For just 120USD we will arrange you a single entry tourist visa to Tajikistan.

We need 2 pieces of photo and your passport nothing else. We will collect your passport in the morning and you can get back your passport visa already issued the same day in the afternoon.


The amount you pay includes following services:

* Consular fee

* Visa invitation letter to Tajikistan

* Visa processing

* Cost of courier

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Consular fee for tourist visa to Tajikistan

Individual tourist visa will cost you 55USD and mini groups up to 4 people in them are not considered as a group.


Group tourist visa to Tajikistan will cost you 30 USD. 5 or more people travelling together are considered as a group.


Please note that there is big quee at the embassy of Tajikistan in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and you should wait long to sumbit and obtain your passport.


LOI to Tajikistan

We are happy to help you with LOI to Tajikistan and Tajik visa processing in Tashkent embassy of Tajikistan. It will take 3 business days to prepare visa invitation letter approved by MFA of Tajikistan. However, it takes 1 day to issue a visa invitation letter not approved by MFA.

To get ready visa invitaiton letter we will need your passort copy and you should inform us the embassy of visa issuance.


By Dilshod Eshmurodov