Number one dish of Tajik cuisine is still pilaf. There are more than four hundred recipes for its preparation. Instead of rice often usednoodles from unleavened dough, which is fried in the oven and pulverized to the size of rice grains. 

§  Plov. The national dish is made with rice, beef or mutton, and carrots.

§  Sambusa (baked pastries)

§  Shashlik (shish-kebab). Grilled-on-coal fish, liver, chicken, mutton and beef.

§  Tushbera soup (like ravioli, or pasta with meat in it)

§  Ugro soup (handmade spaghetti soup served with cheese cream and basilic)

§  Jiz-biz (fired freshcut lamb or mutton on its own juice)

§  Dolma (steamed rolls with grape leafs and meat inside, served with sour cream and red pepper)

§  Mantu (steamed pasta with meat inside, served with sour cream and fried onions)

§  Shurbo (fresh vegetable soup with lamb or beef, served with green onion and basilic)

§  Many types of bread like chappoti, kulcha, nan, fatir, qalama, etc.

§  Damlama (like English stew, steamed lamb or beef with vegetables in its own juice)

§  Khash (soup with sheeps' legs and arms, joints and tendons)

Take care with street food and do NOT eat unwashed vegetables and fruits. It's best to soak them in distilled water and cook thoroughly.

Now the situation is different. National cuisine is becoming more popular in Tajikistan, such as Shurpo, Oshi Palov, Mantu, Sambusa and etc.