Nightlife in Tajikistan is slowly catching up with the western world, as more numbers of tourists and visitors are traveling to this country every year. Nightlife in Tajikistan offers full entertainment and exciting moments. You can really enjoy an evening out in the number of nightclubs and pubs that have opened up in the country.

Most of the nightclubs and pubs of Tajikistan are concentrated in the city of Khujand. Khujand is the economic capital of Tajikistan. You fill be able to find a number of bars, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs in the city that remain open quite late at night. You will also be able to find a number of people enjoying a walk late in the evening with their family or partners in the parks or the streets. The general ambiance in the streets is very casual and entertaining. The local restaurants are very popular and tables are mostly occupied by tourists. Most people in Tajikistan love to dress up for an occasion. While visiting any pub or nightclub, you can dress in general clothes.

Some of the best places to enjoy nightlife in Tajikistan are:

Port Said 

It is located in Rudanki. This is a regular nightclub that attracts most of the party going crowd. You can take a cab to reach the club. The place serves very good drinks and the ambiance is very lively. Most of the crowds go to Port Said for enjoying weekly parties. The place generally remains quite full. It is the favorite place among the locals as well as international tourists. The waiters are very friendly and the bar remains well stocked. Drinks are relatively cheaper and the music is very entertaining.

Choykhana Rokhat 

Situated in Rudaki, this is a very popular restaurant that provides excellent food along with live entertainment shows. The restaurant has very peppy music been played in the background. The structure of the building has been designed in an ancient style. The ambiance of the restaurant sends you back to the bygone era. It is an excellent place to relax and watch the sun set. Formal dress code for men is suggested whereas women can try out the Tajik style flowing dresses that goes very well with the ambiance. Summer and springs are the best time to visit this place.

Aussie Bar 

Located in Marmaris, this is one the most popular bars in Tajikistan. A place most tourists make it a point to visit. You will get a wide range of drinks at reasonable prices.