Mobile operators of Tajikistan

1. National telecommunication operator JSC "Tajiktelekom."

2. "Babilon - Mobile" is the largest mobile operator in Tajikistan. It provides a full range of modern services to the subscriber in a standard GSM 900/1800, 3G-UMTS / 3,5 G-HSDPA. The commercial launch of the network was made in January 1, 2003.

3. "Beeline" - LLC "Takom" is a Tajik mobil operator. The group of "Vimpel Com" includes mobile operators, who provide services in Russia, Kazakhstan, and recently acquired cellular operators in Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Georgia.

4. "Megaphone Tojikiston" is a joint Russian-Tajik company established with the active assistance of the Government and the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Tajikistan. Company shareholders are the national operator "Tajiktelekom" and the first Russian mobile operator "MegaFon".

5. «Tcell» - CJSC "Indigo Tajikistan" is a promising, advanced, prestigious and popular company, that provides mobile communications to customers. Company «Tcell» in Tajikistan is represented by two legally enshrined companies: "Indigo Tajikistan", working in Dushanbe region, Khatlon region, Badakhshan, and JV CJSC "Somoncom" that works in Sughd.

When arriving in Tajikistan before buying SIM - card check with dealers about tariff plans, coverage area and additional opportunities.


Internet in Tajikistan

Internet Providers

Internet access has been steadily rolling out across Tajikistan since 1999, when the first Internet Service Provider opened in Dushanbe. Today there are four companies providing access to the Internet:

  • Babilon-T
  • Eastera
  • Intercom
  • Telecomm Technology

Internet Cafes

Most visitors will probably access the Internet by walking into one of the many Internet cafes in one of the above cities. Some Internet cafes will allow you to plug your own computer in instead of using one of the public computers.

Dial-up Internet Access

If you are bringing your own computer with you to Tajikistan, you may wish to connect to the Internet over a phone line.

First things first. Tajikistan's phone plugs are the Russian type, although RJ-11 type connectors are becoming increasingly common. Make sure you have the right adaptors with you. Please also read the note on telephone exchanges. The World Wide Phone Guide is a useful resource for getting your modem hooked up.

The simplest way to get online is to buy an Internet Access Card from one of the ISPs above. These give access telephone numbers and a username/password that you can use to connect.

Some ISPs sell access cards for a particular length of connect time (e.g. five hours), and calls are charged at a flat rate per minute. Others sell cards with a fixed amount of calling credit (e.g. USD $10), and call costs vary according to the time of day. The best solution for you will depend on how much you plan to connect to the Internet and at what times of day. Contact the ISPs for further details:

Babilon-T Internet Card

Intercom Internet Card

Telecomm Technology Internet Card

Internet Accounts

For longer-term stays, it may be more economical to open an account with an ISP. In addition to dial-up accounts, there are also a range of higher-bandwidth options, including leased lines, microwave connections and DSL.