Tajikistan’s climate is continental, arid with a distinct altitudinal zones. In the lowervalleys, subtropical climate prevails while in the middle altitude of the mountains it is replaced by a moderately warm, and in the highlands  bythe cold.

 The average July temperature in the valleys is 23-30 ° C and during January it is around 0 .. +2 ° C. In high mountainareas  in winter it frosts to -27 ° C (the Pamirs to -50 ° C). During summer is not hothere  from +4 to +15 ° C, depending on the altitude. From October to May in the mountains there are raging blizzards, in summer and early autumn in the plains ofsand storms occur, which can last up to a week or more.

The best time to visit the southern provinces of the country is March-April, when thevalley turned into a big and bright floral carpet. For mountain climbing in the Pamir it is favorable period from July to September, and for walking tours around the country it also makes sense to go in September.