Kyrgyzstan’s alpine topography constrains the transportation system of Kyrgyzstan. Most portion of Kyrgyzstan’s territory located in higher altitudes ans this factor makes diffucult to travel distant areas during winter time. As it is in any country the transportation system of Kyrgyzstan can be seen in following categories: Roads, Railways, Airports, Waterways and etc.

Roads and transport

   After independence with the help of foreign investment banks such as Asian Development Bank many highways were either reconstructed or built. Highway between Bishkek and Osh was reconstracted and it took a new shape enabling easy travel from Bishkek to Osh or vice versa. Besides there is a new highway between Kazakhstan’s Almaty and Kyrgyz capital city Bishkek. If you plan your trip to central asia and would like to combine Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan then you can get from Almaty to Bishkek or vice versa via this new highway. According to information provided by the  Ministry of Transportation and Communication of Kyrgyzstan  total road length of Kyrgyzstan’s transportation network is approximately 34 000 km.

Between cities of Kyrgyzstan there are different types of transportation: public and private. It is easy to travel between cities of Kyrgyzstan by scheduled taxi, minivans or buses. It makes your journey more money saving. It is commen sense to bargain regarding fare of transportation services.


  Railway system of Kyrgyzstan is not well developed due to different reasons. First of all, its territory mostly covered by mountrains and then Kyrgyzstan was ending point of Soviet railway system. Nevertheless, during your tour to Kyrgyzstan you will have an opportunity to use trains while travelling from Bishkek to Almaty or Moscow. Trains run four times a week from Bishkek to Almaty and on to Moscow (train 17, 4021som, Monday and Thursday; train 27, 3900som, Wednesday and Saturday).

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