Kyrgyzstan is often called the Switzerland of Central Asia because of the extraordinarily beautiful mountainous landscape of Central Tien-Shan. Most travelers find Kyrgyzstan the most attractive, affordable and user-friendly region of all the Central Asian republics. Kyrgyzstan can boast centuries-old cultural heritage, but the natural beauty of the mountains attracts thousands of tourists.
         Travel to Kyrgyzstan attract tourists from various countries. Numerous routes have been laid in various directions through the picturesque mountains, gorges and valleys between Issyk-Kul region, Central, Northern, Inner and South-West Tien Shan. Many flock to the Tien-Shan Mountains, not only in summer but even in winter. Ski tours in Kyrgyzstan is becoming increasingly popular.
         Travel to Kyrgyzstan - is not only recreation, but also a form of knowledge of nature, history and culture of the region.