You get Kyrgyzstan either by air or by land depending on your preferences, itinerary and availablity of flights.

By Air

Turkish Airlines, British Airlines, Southern China, Aeroflot and other 9 companies are operating flights from Bishkek to more than 100 cities of the world.  At the moment there are many flights to Kyrgyzstan from megapolis cities such as London, Moscow, Istanbul, Seol, Beijing, Dubai, St.Petersburg and etc.

If you are travelling through entire Silk Road there are following flight options connecting Bishkek with neighboring countries.

  • Astana-Bishkek-Astana
  • Tashkent-Bishkek-Tashkent
  • Dushanbe-Bishkek-Dushanbe
  • Khudjand-Bishkek-Khudjand
  • Urumqi-Bishkek- Urumqi

By land

Most of tourists travelling Kyrgyzstan visit neighboring countries such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan or Chian.

There are more international flight options to/from Almaty, Tashkent and Urumqi so most of our tourist visit at least three stan countries Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. If you are travelling to these 3 countries then you can arrive in Almaty (Kazakhstan). After having sightseeing in Almaty you can get Bishkek by car via new highway within 3.5-4 hours. After visiting Kyrgyzstan you can fly to Uzbekistan and after having sightseeing in Uzbekistan you can fly back home from Tashkent.

Another option is arriving into Almaty (Kazakhstan) then by air to Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and after that by land to Kyrgyzstan via “Dostlik” border check point between Andijon(Uzbekistan) and Osh (Kyrgyzstan).

How to get Kyrgyzstan by land via China?

There are two border check points between China and Kyrgyzstan. The first one is called Irkeshtam and the second is Torugart.

The infrastructure of the check-point "Irkeshtam" meets all the international standards. Days off are - Saturdays and Sundays, including holidays (in Kyrgyzstan - 1 - 3 - January 7, 8, 16, March  1, 5, 9, 21, May 28, August 31; in China - 5 - February 19, May 1, June 1, July 1, 2 August 1, 2, September 12, October 1-2).

Working hours of the check - point:

·         to transfer groups from Kyrgyzstan to China - till 12:00

·         to transfer groups from China to Kyrgyzstan - after 12:00

After openinng Irkeshtam border check point in 2002 Torugart border check point is officially closed for foreigners. But still some tourist who has special permission of Department of Foreign Affairs of Urumqi are able to cross Torugart border check point. We highly recommend to use Irkeshtam border check point in order to cross into China from Kyrgyzstan.


What documents to provide in crossing border between China and Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan-China (Irkeshtam)

Kyrgyz border officials require followings:

·      Kyrgyz visa

·      OVIR Registration. It is not difficult to arrange OVIR registration. It is possible to arrange in any Kyrgyz city. In case you in transit travelling from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan or Kazakhstan then you should explain that you are in the country less than 3 days which lets you not to have OVIR. In order to explain that you are in the countr less than 3 days you should show date of stap at your passport when you crossed into country from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan or Tajikistan.

·      Chinese visa and Chinese permission to cross Irkeshtam border check point

·      Customs declaration to be filled in two forms. Please be informed that the form will be in Russian only

Chinese border officials require followings:

·      Chinese visa

·      Chinese permission to cross into China via Irkeshtam border check point

·      Once you have provided above mentioned documents, you will have to fill in Customs, Immigration and Health Inspection forms. Forms are written both English and Chinese and your guide from Chinese will help you how to complete forms.

China- Kyrgyzstan

Chinese border officials will require followings:

·      Permission to cross border check point Irkeshtam

 There is a dispute regarding this matter. Some of tourists have been able to cross Irkeshtam border check point without permission on their way to Kyrgyzstan but Chinese authorities inform that each foreigner crossing Irkeshtam Border check point.

·      You should be escorted by guide from Chinese side

Kyrgyz border officials will require followings:

·      Kyrgyz visa

·      Customs form. It should be completed in border check point which will be provided only in Russian

·      Kyrgyz border officials expect you to be met and escorted by a recognized tour company through the border zone.


Important notes!!!

·      Try to arrive at border check point early while crossing border from Kyrgyzstan into China. Because after border formalities you should be at Chinese Customs and Passport Control before it closes at 5:00pm Beijing time. That is 3 pm by local Kyrgyz/Xinjiang time. The distance beween border check point and Chinese Customs and Passport Control is 100 km.

·      Avoid taking photos of any soldier in uniform.

·      On your way to Customs and Passport Control you might be stopped at army post to inspect your luggage. Whereas, they do not have right to inspect your luggage, do not try to argue it may result in difficulties to preceed.