Telephone and mobile operators

   International telephone code of Kyrgyzstan is +996. To call to capital city Bishkek you should dial +996 312 (code of capital) XXYYZZ (telephone number). Telephone codes of other major tourist cities of Kyrgyzstan are as following:

1)      +996 3222 XXYYZZ  --- Osh city

2)      +996 3922 XXYYZZ  --- Issyk Kul

3)      +996 3722 XXYYZZ  --- Jalol Obod city

4)      +996 3222 XXYYZZ  --- Naryn city

5)      +996 3233 XXYYZZ  --- Uzgen

How to make an international call from Kyrgyzstan?

  In order to make an international call from Kyrgyzstan dial “8” and wait for long tone, dial 10 after tone dial country code and telephone number. For instance, to call to England dial 8-10-44-xxxxxxx (number).

You can make an international call from Kyrgyzstan at any hotel.


Emergency contacts

  • Fire bridge—101
  • Police—102
  • Ambulance—103
  • Medical service­­—110

Useful numbers

  • Manas International Airport flight information +996312­­ 693009/693109.                                             If you are in Bishkek, you can dial 693009 or 693109 to contact information center of Manas International Airport.
  • Taxi --- 180/150/152/154

You can dial one of above mentioned 3 digit numbers in order to call a taxi in Bishkek.


Mobile operators

There are more than 6 mobile operators in Kyrgyzstan at the moment and the list of operators is as following.

1)      Beeline

2)      MegaCom

3)      Fonex

4)      O!

5)      Katel

6)      Nexi

  Mobile operators above are listed according to number of their subscribers. This means that Beeline has more subscribers than other mobile operators. Please note that the network coverage area is not available throughout the entire Kyrgyzstan. So we do recommend you to check the coverage area of the company before purchasing SIM.

While you are in Kyrgyzstan you can purchase local SIM by contacting us.



  There is internet connection almost at most hotels of Bishkek. There are lots of public internet cafes in bigger cities of Kyrgyzstan. Besides, you can purchase 3G USB modems.

Year by year the number of internet users is increasing. As for the information of 2005 the number of internet subscribers is 263.000.  Internet domen of Kyrgyzstan is kg.