Visa invitation to Kazakhstan

The nationals of those countries which are not mentioned on the below mentioned list will need a visa invitation to Kazakhstan to be provided by a travel agency and approved by MFA of Kazakhstan.

Documents needed for LOI to Kazakhstan

  1. Well scanned passport copy.

  2. An employment letter. If you are retired, student, temporarily not working then just inform us this.

  3. Home & Work address.

  4. Travel dates.

  5. The city where you want to obtain your visa.

  6. Number of entries.

Price of LOI to Kazakhstan

Period of visa
Europe Asia China
1 month (one entry)
2 month (one entry)
2 months (2 entries)
3 months (1 entry)
3 months (3 entries)
6 months (multi entry)
1 year (multi entry)
Airport (1 entry)

Order LOI

Visa regulations of Kazakhstan

 In order to travel to Kazakhstan you should have a visa. To obtain a Kazakh visa you need a letter of invitation to Kazakhstan (Hereinafter LOI) prepared by a travel agency and approved by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.

   The citizens of Turkey do not need a visa to visit Kazakhstan up to 2 months while nationals of 45 countries do not need LOI to Kazakhstan to obtain a single entry business, tourist and private visas to Kazakhstan up to 1 month.
The list of countries are as following:

Australia Belgium Bulgaria Canada Croatia Czech Republic
Cyprus Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany
Greece Hungary Iceland Japan Ireland Israel Italy
Japan Latvia Lithuania Liechtenstein Luxemburg Monaco
Malta Netherlands New Zealand Norway Oman Poland
Portugal Romania Saudi Arabia Singapore Slovakia Slovenia
South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland UAE UK

To obtain a visa you should provide following documents

-          A letter addressed to consular department of Kazakhstan Embassy with request to issue visa. Please specify the dates, places you are planning to visit and purpose of your visit.

-          Completed visa application form. Application form should be completed fully otherwise it may cause to refusal of your application.

-          A passport which is valid at least 6 months after your visa is expired.

-          One passport size photo should be stapled on the right upper corner of the application form.

-          Money for consular fee.

Visa on arrival

In order to obtain your visa upon arrival to Kazakhstan you must have a visa invitation letter regardless there is simplified visa regulation (Do not need LOI) with your country.

Please note that only single entry visa is issued at consular departments at the airports of Almaty, Atyrau, Astana and Uralsk. Once you are planning to obtain your visas upon arrival to the airport you should complete visa request form on board or at the airport and submit together with one passport size photo.

Police / OVIR registration

If you are staying more than 5 days in Kazakhstan then you should have OVIR/Police registration. You can have police registration at our partner’s office, OVIR office or at hotel. You can have police registeration at hotel once your visa is issued without a Kazakhstan visa support.

Transit visa

To obtain a transit visa you do not need visa invitation to Kazakhstan but submit copy of your visa to other country where you are planning to get through Kazakhstan, copy of air ticket. It takes about 5 business days to issue a transit visa.

Applicants travelling on their vehicles and passing through Kazakhstan to neighboring countries should submit above mentioned documents, copy of driver’s license and relevant documents for a vehicle.

For exact list of documents to be needed for transit visa to Kazakhstan we recommend contacting Kazakh Diplomatic Mission where you are planning to get your visa issued. Transit visas are issued for single, double and triple entries.

Consular fees

The rates vary depending on your nationality and circumstance of your application. Children under 16 are not charged for consular services. Some embassies of Kazakhstan do not accept cash or personal cheque for consular fee.