Telephone and mobile operators

To make an international call is possible at any hotel you stay at but there are cheaper alternatives such as pay phones, i-cards and public call offices.

At any kiosk you can buy smart cards (debit cards) and use it to make domestic and international calls. Smart cards vary depending on units it has and it might have from 25 up to 1450 units. One unit equal to one minute domestic call.

The cheapest way of making and international and intercity calls is purchasing nursat i-cards. Apart from above mentioned options you can use public center of call (Centralny Peregovorny Punkt).


How to make an international call from Kazakhstan?

In order to make an international call from Kazakhstan dial “8” and wait for long tone, dial 10 after tone dial country code and telephone number. For instance, to call to England dial 8-10-44-xxxxxxx(number).


Mobile operators

In case you need your mobile phone to be on all the time while you are in Kazakhstan and you want it to be inexpensive then local SIM will be best option. Once you have local SIM you can divert your number to local SIM. Please note that you should bring.

Mobile operators in Kazakhstan are as following.

  • Kcell
  • Beeline
  • Tele2
  • Altel

If you need SIM while you are in Kazakhstan then you can ask your guide, concierge at hotel or contact us


Emergency contacts

Fire brigade —01



Gas leaks—04


Calling above mentioned numbers is free of charge from any telephone booth

Useful numbers

Almaty International Airport flight information­­—54-05-55

Astana International Airport flight information—­­7 7172 702-999

To call taxi in Almaty – 058

Bus station of Almaty— 30-25-29


Internet in Kazakhstan

There is internet connection almost at all hotels of Almaty and Astana. Free Wi Fi is provided at the lobby of most hotels and some of the hotels provide free wireless internet at rooms as well.

There are lots of public internet cafes in bigger cities of Kazakhstan.

Once you buy Nursat i-card+ for international intercity calls than it can be used for internet as well.