Weddings in Georgia are truelly fascinating. Usually several hundred people attend Georgian wedding. It's a must to accept the invitation to the wedding. In case it is refused it would be a huge insult for those who are inviting.

    Georgian wedding has three main phases - “machankloba” (marriage proposal), “nishnoba” (engagement) and “kortsili” (wedding). Previously parents used to choose the bride or groom for their children.Nowadays, it is not like that anymore, but still parents play key role in weddings.

    Approval of relatives is needed for the wedding. The bride and groom’s families must know each other well enough before making decision on arranging wedding. As soon as all details went over by two families the engagement ceremony is held.

 Before the bride enters her new home the groom climbs on the roof and releases white birds which symbolize the happiness. After that the bride and groom are given special wedding glasses of wine. The groom drinks first and puts a wedding ring into glass after that passes the glass to bride. She sips and gives the glass back to groom who takes the ring out of the glass. After that with words of admiration, love and praise the groom passes the glass of wine to bride once again.

Traditionally before entering the house the bride and groom break special plate for luck. Then bride begins a kind of inspection of the new home.

Grains of cereals are thrown around house wishing prosperity. Wooden ornaments called “chiragdani” or “the life tree” are given to groom and bride.

It is important that during the inspection of the house bride must touch the cauldron and go round the cauldron with oil or wheat three times.

Georgian weddings are joyous and noisy events as it is in any other country. “Tamada” or the toastmaster encourages everybody at the wedding to make a toast. The first toast is made for the joyous, peaceful and prosperous future life of the newlyweds.

One of the most famous traditions held at every Georgian wedding is the bride kidnapping. The abduction is done to avoid huge costs of the wedding. With the abduction the wedding can be much more modest. If possible the couple can organize big party in the future.