During your Georgia travel you can move around the country on “marshrutka” s (scheduled minivans), taxis, buses, trains and airplanes. The most popular means of transport is buses and taxis that connect almost all the settlements in Georgia.


 Georgian minivan is called "samarshruto" and their location is near the city's train station or the market. The destination is usually indicated on the windshield (usually in Georgian), so it makes sense to ask the driver to put you in the right minivan.Minivans "samarshruto"  hits the road, when all seats are filled, so it is better to travel in Tbilisi in the morning while in the evening you will have to wait a while till minivan is fully occupied.

   Buses run on a schedule, mainly between 8 am and 6 pm, and the fare to them a little lower than the taxis. The travel from Tbilisi to Batumi, for example, will cost around 15 GEL, and the Tsinandali - 7 GEL.

By train from Tbilisi you can get Ozurgeti (10 h, 6 GEL), Kutaisi (6 hours, 5 GEL), Zugdidi (8.5 h, 6 GEL), Gori (1 h, 4 GEL), Poti (5.5 h), and other cities.

Flights between Tbilisi and Batumi are operated by Georgian Airways on a daily basis. Flight time - 40 minutes, the ticket price - about 40 EUR one way.

There are lots of taxis in Tbilisi and here below is the list of companies offering taxi services. While your tour to Georgia you can call one them and order a car with driver.


Name: Nostalgia
Address: 2, Gafrindauli Str
Tel: (995) 32 291 14 14; (995) 32 293 91 00
Price: City centre - GEL 3 

Name: Service Luxe 
Address: Didi Dighomi, III micro
Tel: (995) 32 2535 535
Cars: Toyota
Price: Differs 
Waiting: 1 hour-8 Gel
Special Offer: In case of contract discounts are available 

Name: 09 Tbilisi Taxi
Address: 41, Saburtalo Str.
Tel: (995) 32 209, (995) 32 237 50 87
Cars: Mercedes E-Class/CLK
Price: 1km-60 Tetri;
Waiting: 1 hour-10 Gel 

Name: Tiko LTD
Address: 45, Vazha-Pshavela Ave
Tel: (995) 32 2200 200
Cars: Nissan Sani 
Price: It's negotiable. 
Tbilisi-Batumi-200 Gel; Batumi-Tbilisi-300 Gel
Special Offer: Discounts are available for permanent clients