Import and export of foreign currency is allowed in unlimited amount, the declaration is optional but recommended. Export of previously imported currency can be exported any time within a year from date of entry in Georgia. Bringing local currency can be in an amount not exceeding 25000 GEL, and take out - no more than 3000 GEL, with no more than 4 pieces of each denomination of banknotes. 

Duties on import are not subject to personal jewelry (they should be declared), goods and personal belongings weighing up to 100kg.  Besides, it is allowed to import free of duty up to 200 pieces of cigarettes, up to 3liters of wine or 10 liters of beer. The import of weapons and explosives, narcotics and narcotic drugs, pornography or any material that could offend public order and morality is illegal. The export of objects of historical and cultural value is prohibited.