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Central Asia!

Central Asia is also known as 5 stans in Western countries due to the names of these 5 countries all ending in stans. Central Asia is of big interest among travelers in recent years. Despite being under USSR for 70 years and 4 of which belonging to Turkic nations they all still have lots of unique distinct features in culture, traditions, nature and travel opportunities.

Today all these 5 neighbors actively and at the times separately promoting their own tourism brand. Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan boasts with its well kept ancient Palaces, fortresses, Mosques and Minarets while Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are offering wide range of active and eco tourism options due to their untouched nature, mountains and picturesque landscapes.


While you are in Uzbekistan you will be amazed with countless Mausoleums, Minarets, Mosques and masterpieces of Mediaeval Architectures. For instance, in Khiva you feel like you are in the middle ages due to the entire palace kept as it was.

Wandering in streets of old town in Bukhara and talking to hospitable local people with big smile on face is something you can not find in other parts of the world. Enjoy the green tea at pond Labi House which is well located right in the center of the Old Bukhara.

Grandiose Registan Square will charm you with its splendid architecture and greatness which reminds you the capital of a mighty Empire. Amir Temur was right to say “If you doubt in our splendor look at the Palaces we built”.

Here is the activities which make your trip more colorful.

Yet this is not all Uzbekistan can offer for travelers because so many there are so many other sites such as Buddhist temples in Termez and etc.


Kyrgyzstan is ideal destination for eco tourism for its mountains, alpine meadows and lakes, beautiful landscapes and never melting glaciers. The pristine nature of Kyrgyzstan is the key to succeed in getting higher rank in eco tourism. The quality hotels, mountain camps, qualified guides, transportation system and of course visa free regime to most countries makes this destination more enchanting.

Meet nomads of Kyrgyzstan, ride a horse, attend buzkashi (horse games) and enjoy countless lakes with fantastic scene. During your stay in Kyrgyzstan we would be pleased to arrange you a stay in Yurt camp or helicopter trip to South Inylchek glaciers which is 60 kms in length and 200 meters in depth.


Ninth biggest country in the world with rich mineral resource especially with oil&gas attracted attention of the investors from all over the world. This is why in Kazakhstan you can find top quality world class hotels, restaurants, banking system and of course diverse options for tourists.

Grand Canyon’s little brother Charyn canyon located 200 kms east of Almaty is 90 km long reaching to Chinese border. A day trip to Charyn canyon lets you to see rock formations reaching 100 meters in depth.

Every child dreams to be a spaceman and only few of them can make their dreams come true. In this regard visiting the first and largest space launching Cosmodrome Baikonoor will be of enormous interest.

These are not all Central Asia could offer you which you can not find in anywhere else. In this article we have not mentioned Gas Crater, Fann Mountains, Pamir Highway and ets.

We very much hoping you will enjoy your stay in 5 stans.