There is no any limit to the amount of currency one can import and export from country, as long as it`s filled in declaration form. One can bring 1000 cigarettes or 1 kg of tobacco products without taxing, as well as 1.5 litres of heavy alcoholic drinks of 2 litres of wine, perfumes (for personal use and in reasonable amounts), and other goods not exceeding total cost of 10000 USD.

Normally, one is allowed to take his personal belongings, handicrafts and other goods purchased in Azerbaijan out of the country with no problems. However, the export of any antiques (including precious stones, coins, manuscripts and other works of art) without the permission of the relevant authorities is prohibited. Moreover, it`s forbidden to transit drugs, weapons and ammunition (except for hunting, to which you want to get permission), literature and video materials offending moral and political system of the country. One can take only up to 600 gr of caviar out of the country. Any carpet or handicrafts produced before 1960 are automatically considered antiques and are taxed.