Fundamentals of Armenian cuisine are minced meat (mostly beef and lamb), fresh, stewed and stuffed vegetables. While cooking more than 300 species of aromatic herbs and flowers are used, and often they are not used as a seasoning but as a major component of food.
The most popular dish in the Armenian table and eateries is shish kebab. It is made from beef, pork, lamb or poultry meat, seasoned with spices and served with tomatoes, onions, eggplants, sweet peppers and other vegetables. Royal kebab "khorovats" consists of four types of meat, each of which is pickled in a separate sauce.

It is worthy to try "kutap" - trout stuffed with rice, raisins and ginger and baked in the oven. We do recommend tasting "hash", delicious "dolma" and "kyufta" prepared from minced meat, lots of cheese with herbs, and of course the famous Armenian lavash - incidentally, it is not only white but also black- prepared of hard wheat.
The oldest Armenian foods: "Poch" - soup made from beef tail and "arganak" - a dish made of chicken and deer meat, cooked in chicken broth.
Fans of dairy products will like the natural yoghurt "matsun", okroshka and "spas" - a hot soup based on kefir.
The ones with sweet teeth will like candied apricots "shalah" and peaches stuffed with grated walnuts, sugar and cinnamon, and sweet sausage "churchkhela."