Armenia has an ancient, millennia-old civilization amidst stark mountain landscapes and remote canyons. It is home to amazing world heritage sites, forgotten monasteries and a wonderfully laid back and friendly culture. "The best meat – on the bones, the best land - on the rocks" - Armenians say about their country. Stony soil of the ancient Hayastan gave unusually generous benefits. Armenia is the first state to adopt Christianity. The writings of great culture of Urartu have not been deciphered yet. Three thousand gastronomic traditions and the oldest in the world nodular carpet will amaze you. As for today, Armenia is represented by a duduk (flute) and kebabs, “churchkhela” and pita , carpets and Lake Sevan, apricots, cognac and mountain hospitality, toast ... In short, it's easier to see everything with your own eyes (and of course, taste and smell)!