Frequently Asked Questinos.
1. What is the best season for travel to Central Asia?
2. What is the weather like in Central Asia?
3. What clothes do you recommend to wear in Central Asia?
4. Which countries of Central Asia do you recommend if there is less time to visit all?
5. What is a process for issuing Central Asia Visa?
6. Why don't you offer international flights with your tours?
7. I like your tours but would like to do some changes. Do you offer private tours?
8. Is it possible to bring alcoholic beverage to Central Asia?
9. Is it safe to drink the water from the tap?
10. What kind of voltage in Central Asia?
11. What is food like in Central Asia?
12. What kind of vegetarian food is available in Central Asian countries?
13. What languages do people speak in Central Asia?
14. Are there any specifications on passing through the borders among Central Asian countries?
15. What is the currency in Central Asia?
16. Is it possible to use credit cards in Central Asian countries?
17. Are there video or photo taking restrictions?
18. What are the main characteristics that can describe the local people of Central Asia?
19. What kind of entertainments and restaurants are there?
20. What are the Central Asia phone code and city codes?
21. What holidays are celebrated in Central Asia?
22. Shopping advises?
23. What religions in Central Asia?
24. What is the time difference?
25. Do I need travel insurance?
26. What is the health precaution for travel to Central Asia?
27. What kind of communication is available in Central Asia?
28. What is a popular tourist destination in Central Asia?
29. Do I have to pay entrance fee?
30. Does show programs included in the tour cost?