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Tours to 5 stans - Central Asia


Central Asia - Cultural tour to 5 stans

     During the holiday to Central Asia you can see ancient East - in Samarkand, Holy Bukhara, open air museum-Khiva, deserts, lakes in high altitude, ancient Mary or Kunya Urgench which are listed in world heritage list of UNESCO.

     Once being here you will fall in love and be amazed with the rich history, architecture, traditions and hospitality. Read more

Jewels of Uzbekistan

    Uzbekistan is cradle of culture for more than two millennia, it is the proud home to a spellbinding arsenal of architecture and artifacts, all deeply infused with the raw, fascinating history of the country.
   This 10 days holiday covers visit to Jewels of Uzbekistan which are Samarkand, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz and Khiva. This is a classic tour which is most popular tour package to Uzbekistan.
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Khan Tengri - Trekking in Kyrgyzstan

 Khan Tengri is most beautiful and demanding peak in Tian Shan Mountains.Khan Tengri is the second highest mount in Tian Shan after Peak Pobeda.


  During the trekking to Khan Tengri you will be able to visit Metzbakher Lake, Inylchek Glacier, Komsomolskiy glacier, Dikiy glacier, Putevodniy glacier and South Inylchek.  Read more

Golden Steppes - Cultural & Heritage tour

     The ancient land of Central Asia, with its historical monuments, keeps lots of mysteries. Your tour to Central Asia will lead you through some of the most famous cities, like Samarkand, Bukhara.

     These cities were glorious for wealthy culture and during the tour still amaze the eye by splendid buildings of the medieval architecture.

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burana torwer

Three stans - tour to Cental Asia

     The ancient land of Central Asia, with its historical monuments, keeps lots of mysteries. Your tour to Asia will lead you through some of the most famous cities, like Samarkand and Bukhara

These cities were glorious for wealthy culture and during the journey to Central Asia still amaze the eye by splendid buildings of the medieval architecture.          Read more

Pamir Highway -Adventure in Tajikistan

     Welcome to the roof of the world. Untouched beauty of Pamirs and off road adventure tour along Pamir Highway most part of which is not paved would be your unforgettable trip to abandoned part of the world.

  Pamirs are part of the Himalaya Mountains and features with mounts reaching 7 thousand meters. Your holiday to Pamir Highway enables to enjoy the beauty of picturesque landscape. Read more


Travel to Central Asia



   Travellers planning tours to Central Asia can enjoy fantastic gems of mediaeval Islamic architecture in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, pristine environment in Kyrgyzstan, picturesque mountains in Tajikistan regarded as roof of the world, steppes of Kazakhstan and fairy tales of each country, city or even monument.


   Travel to Central Asia was always fascinating and it still amazes travellers with its history, historical monuments, landscapes, friendly people, mountains, alpine lakes, deserts and steppes. Marco Polo was one of the pioneer travellers visiting Central Asia later on Ruy Gonzales De Clavijo and Armenius Vambery visited Central Asia in middle ages.

khiva panorama

  Claviho visited the transoxania during the reign of Emir Temur when the country flourished and in his diary Claviho described the Empire in details. Armenius Vambery visited Central Asia in 17th century as a dusguised dervish because it was not allowed to visited the country for regular westerners.


For many centuries Central Asia was not easy destiantion to get in but after independence 5 stans are supproting the development of tourism. More and more people are visiting Central Asia year by year and tourism infrastracture is getting better.


    According to specialists of Lonely Planet Travel to five stans is pretty safe destiantion despite being shown as hot spot by western media. For instance, a couple of years before Bukhara was assigned as the safest tourist city by World Tourism Organisation. However, you should invest some time to learn the rules of visas, permissions, accommodation and prices as they are subject to change without notice in advance.


By Dilshod Eshmurodov